Where people are at the heart of the story
The films made by James Harrison Productions are centred around people.  Each one of us has a story to tell, whether it's about our experiences at work, bringing up a family, travelling the world or simply reflecting upon our lives and the passage of time.
Online video, feature films, TV shows are all about telling stories, a modern version of sitting around the hearth and watching  pictures in the fire. From short films on social media to more complex documentaries, fundamentally both are one of the same thing - a device for one person to tell a lot of people about what's happening.
While it's easy to get lost amongst the excitement of filming, with its lights, cameras and action, we believe it's important to remain firmly grounded. 
We like a slightly no-nonsense approach to the art.  It's too easy to get distracted by the means of production, and with that in mind, James Harrison Productions places  people at the heart of everything it does.
Communicating Experience
With more than 35 years in broadcasting, much of it spent at the BBC on both sides of the microphone and camera, James Harrison Productions is well placed to deliver a story well told. Developing the narrative, asking the right questions and teasing out the nuances in the final edit are skills that come with experience.
We also enjoy supporting and encouraging people through the process of communicating their thoughts and ideas, from the important early stages of initial research, to the day of filming and beyond, as we start to bring the pieces together to tell the final story.
Fundamentally, a video is a useful tool that helps one individual communicate to a much wider audience, and like any tool, there's always a right way and a wrong way to make good use of it; we like to think that our 35 years' experience reflects such thinking.
How we can help you
James Harrison Productions offers the following professional core services:
▸ planning & research
▸ location filming and recording
▸ digital post production, including editing, motion graphics, and encoding for distribution/playout.
Other services offered include: 
▸ professional voiceover
▸ graphic design
▸ digital stills photography 
▸ media training